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You Aren't The Only One Facing Foreclosure...

In Fact, Most Of The Causes Of Foreclosure Aren't The Fault Of Homeowners

Global Pandemic

In 2020, 7% of home mortgages are at risk because of the global pandemic which nobody saw coming.

National Downsizing

Many business are laying off key employees. In 2020 alone, more than 60 million American filed for unemployment claims.

Business Relocation

This year hits a new record of businesses moving their operations online, disrupting the local economy and forcing innocent wage earners out of their jobs.

As You Can See, You Aren't Alone &
It Wasn't Your Fault

"What Are My Choices?"

Option 1: Do Nothing

Option 2: Sell Your House To Us

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Step 1

Homeowners Contact Us

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Step 2

We'll Make A Fair Cash Offer

We’ll Inform You How Much Cash You’ll Get Upfront +
How Much Cash You’ll Receive After The Paperwork

Step 3

Homeowner Accepts & Gets Paid

Upon Accepting The Cash Offer, The Homeowner Will Get Paid And We’ll Proceed With The Paperwork

Why Atlanta Home Owners Choose Us:

Ready To Solve The Foreclosure
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A Quick Word Before We Meet...

Dear fella Atlantan,

I know it sucks to be in foreclosure.
Every default notice you receive is another hit to your confidence and self esteem.
I understand how it feels,
because the same happened to someone dear to me.

My brother was laid off from his 12 year job from the company. It wasn’t his fault, in fact he did nothing wrong. His company was forced out of business in the 2008 financial crisis and he was about to lose his home, his life savings and his marriage.

He was the main reason I founded a team to help Atlantan home owners during crisis times. Together we’ve help countless families get out of foreclosure and get a fresh start.

So take action now.

I can help homeowners only if it isn’t too late in the foreclosure process.

If it has passed the due date there is nothing I can do to help you.

So reach out and let me help you stop the foreclosure just as I’ve helped my brother in the past.

Marilyn Milliner
Founder of Dekalb Foreclosure Stoppers

Here Is What They Say About Us

Very smooth and easy... Michael helped me get to my bottom line without a problem. You came highly recommended. I felt comfortable during your presentation and showed me an effective way to get my property sold so i thought that was pretty cool.
Miss Love
Dekalb Home Owner

Before You Delay Taking Action...

We can help homeowners only if
it isn’t too late in the foreclosure process.

Once It has passed the due date
there is nothing we can do to help you.

Banks Will Take Your House If You Do Nothing.

So Act Now

Price Match Guarantee

Close In Days Guarantee

ZERO Fees Guarantee

Hassle Free Guarantee