Guide: How To Stop Foreclosures In Texas​​

1.  Selling your house to stop a foreclosure.

If your house is going into foreclosure, you might consider selling it to an investor buyer rather than letting it go into foreclosure. We have buyers who may be able to buy your house to help stop a foreclosure, in some cases we may be able to buy the house as is and take over the mortgage, or short sale it with the mortgage company. Investor buyers regularly buy these kinds of properties and sometimes also negotiate short sales with lenders. If you’re interested in getting an offer to see what your house might sell for, please fill out the form on this page to get an offer.

2.  We buy houses in Houston, Texas.

Our investors buy houses for cash and can make you a fast cash offer. Experienced investors have been improving local communities for many years through buying, rehabbing and selling renovated houses throughout Texas.

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3.  Options to consider when in foreclosure.

There are a number of options to consider when you are getting behind on your house payments. First thing you should consider is if you’ll be able to make up the payments if you have more time. If it seems certain that you’re not going to get a windfall from somewhere, then you probably need to start looking realistically at alternatives. Don’t wait till the last minute for something that probably won’t happen and then realize too late that you’re out of time to try anything else. Alternatives you can consider include the following…

Selling your house.

If you would like to sell your house we can get you offers from investors who are interested in purchasing residential properties. Our investors specialize in purchasing houses going into foreclosure.

Negotiating a loan modification.

A loan modification can sometimes be negotiated with your bank, which may include reducing the mortgage loan, reducing your payment amount, changing interest rates, etc. You can do this with your lender directly and if you qualify for it, this can be a good way to fix the problem.

Signing a “Deed-in-Lieu” of foreclosure.

Effectively giving the home back to the lender by giving them a notarized deed and the lender then forgiving the mortgage, which would also stop the foreclosure auction. Important to consider, is that it should not be assumed that the lender will forgive the balance of the mortgage, just because there is more owed than the house is worth. This could be discussed with the lender prior.

Sell your house to a short-sale buyer.

If you have a house either behind on payments, or going into foreclosure that you would like to sell, but there is not enough equity to sell it, we have investors who also specialize in working out short-sales with the bank and who may be interested in buying your house and doing a short sale on it with the lender.

3.1  Short sale vs foreclosure.

A short sale is a real estate transaction whose sale falls short of the debts secured by the property and so the lien holders agree to receive a lesser amount than what is actually owed by the debt in order to release the lien.

Following are a number of things to consider when making a decision on whether to let a property go into foreclosure, or to attempt to negotiate a short sale with lien holders. While getting foreclosed on may seem easier at the time, in the long run and in some cases it may not be the best possible solution. Here are some of the advantages to deciding on a short sale.

  • During a short sale, you will control the sale instead of the lien holders.
  • You will know who the home buyer is that you are selling the house to.
  • You will not officially have been foreclosed, though your credit is affected.
  • A type of short sale can sometimes be done while you are still current on your payments.

In some cases and if your lender agrees to not require the balance of the loan be paid in full, you may have an easier time buying another home sooner.

3.2  Loan modification.

A loan modification is brought about when a permanent change is negotiated from the original terms of the mortgage, the loan is then reinstated with the newly agreed upon affordable payments.

4.  Stop foreclosure Houston.

If you are reading this because you have a foreclosure you’re trying to stop, then consider whether we may be able to help with your situation.

  • Do you need to stop a foreclosure in Houston?
  • Are you behind on payments and can’t make them up?
  • Are you concerned with getting a foreclosure on your record?
  • Would you like to find out what we can offer you to buy your house?

If you would like to submit the details on your property, we would be happy to discuss what if any options we have to offer you. For properties that meet our purchasing criteria, we can make an offer to buy your house. If your property does not meet the requirements we’re looking for, then we can let you know what other options you might have, or whether a short sale might be something we could consider with your lender.

After you’ve filled out the form above we can make an offer, or see what we can do to assist in your particular situation.

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5.  Where to get foreclosure listings.

For investors and home buyers who are looking for foreclosure listings, following are some of the best source locations for getting these listings.

Government Foreclosure List Sites:

Multifamily Foreclosure List Sites:

Other REO Homes, Properties and Listing Sites.

Get Out Of Foreclosure Now: